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Out of love for photography, this heartfelt project was launched in 2020 by Thomas Hankel. After more than 30 years of photography, from KB to large format, he founded his own gallery. Since it would become quite fast would get boring, if you always see only your own pictures, he invited his colleagues and comrades-in-arms to join him. All of them have grown up with analog photography and come, like Roman Walczyna, from the beauty & fashion corner. Many other Leipzig photographers, such as Tom Schulze or Steve Bauerschmidt, are already in the starting and are infected for a long time with the old new "grain instead of pixel virus". Next stop is Santa Barbara, by the way. We are looking for a gallery partner in SoCal.

Digital photos bore me to death-

Thomas Hankel Leipzig

Photographer and photojournalist-music, Bauhaus graduate, Creative Director, Enterpreneur, Agency owner torpedo motor GmbH

Best photo disciplines: Band photography, covers and magazines, reportage, music photography - live in concert
Favourite cameras: Nikon S3+F4, ContaxG2 and 645, Linhof Technika 4x5".


For the love of film

Roman Walczyna Berlin

Roman Walczyna is a creative photo artist from Germany and currently lives in Berlin. He refined his characteristic, aesthetic style by paying great attention to the details of fashion and beauty photography.

Roman Walczyna started a successful career in the fashion and beauty photography over 20 years ago and has had countless publications of his work in international magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazzar. His passion is pure black and white photography.

Naturally modern

Sarah Zak Berlin/Mexico City

An ode to naturalness. Analog and intimate portraits by Instagram photographer Sarah Zak. Sometimes it's the imperfect that's perfect - Sarah Zak's work shows this in an impressive way.

A woman photographs women. And she does it without any poses or Photoshop filters. Real nude images free of the modified artificiality that is so ubiquitous in our world.

Sarah Zak's works are presented in Germany exclusively by the gallery Analog Art Photography.

Feral Bucharest

Mihai Barabancea Bucharest Romania

Feral Bucharest.
MIHAI BARABANCEA documents life in the streets and back alleys of his hometown Bucharest. His photographs are situated between reportage and voyeurism, telling in glaring contrasts about the rapid social transformations of Romania and the Eastern Balkans.

Barabancea's protagonists are night owls, daydreamers, winners and losers. His works reflect how artificial social stereotypes influence society and how reductive narratives shape contemporary culture. Barabancea seeks to challenge the status quo and ridicule the notion of superficial, shallow normality through his images of the absurd and grotesque.

Barabancea reaches his audience through the publication of his works in photo books. His work can now be seen for the first time in an exhibition in Germany.

Self portraits on film

Annabel @newearthartist Dortmund Germany

Annabel Lange enters the realm of photography with a captivating focus on intimacy and vulnerability. Through self-portraits, she captures not only moments but also the internal feelings that accompany them. Her camera becomes a tool for self-reflection, and her images narrate stories that often remain unspoken.

However, it's not just herself that takes center stage in her work. Annabel also portrays people from her surroundings, thereby visually encapsulating the bonds that connect them. Each picture speaks of relationships and closeness, of emotions and connections that constitute our humanity.

Annabel's photos visualize the invisible, giving emotions a tangible form. They serve as a reminder that true beauty lies within the depths of the soul, and photography is a potent way to unveil this beauty.

the kids want film!

Thomas Ming-Hui Stanka Berlin

Studied art history with a focus on photography and lives in Berlin. His theoretical studies of photography were always accompanied by his own practice. The examination of photographic material and camera techniques have been the basis of many of his student projects.

Thomas works for the Berlin auction house Grisebach as a student trainee and for the Berlin analogueNOW! Festival as a curator and copywriter.