First Photo Gallery in the Pittlerwerke Leipzig

Analog Art Photography Leipzig is a gallery and a collective of photographers. We continue analog photography in the digital world with analog-images, analog-workshops and analog-photo exhibitions and photo-events. We exclusively present artists working in analogue. For the enthusiasts of the “analog art photography community“, we offer a stage and a monthly forum at the meet&talk events.

Forward for analogue photography.

Christiane Eisler - Punk in the GDR 31.05. -31.08.2024

Christiane Eisler - Punk in the GDR

The Gallery Analog Art Photography presents Christiane Eisler - PUNK in the GDR.

Leipzig 1982/83: Years of adaptation and rebellion. The photographer Christiane Eisler experienced and documented the wild beginnings of the punk movement in the GDR, mainly in Leipzig and Berlin. She took unique photographs of concerts and gatherings that got out of hand and, above all, very personal portraits.

Many photographs were not allowed to be shown in the GDR and exhibitions were banned.

The Analogue Art Photography Gallery is showing a new edition of hand-enlarged black and white images from Christiane Eisler's extensive archive of negatives.

Our opening hours are Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-4pm

Access Pittlerwerke via Polyphonstr. 8
Access Pittlerwerke via Am Börnchen 2 / at the very back of the Pittlerwerke courtyard

Stop TRAM 11 / Pittlerstr. / walking distance 4 min / access Pittlerwerke via Polyphonstr. 8
S-Bahn stop / Leipzig Wahren / 5 min walk / access Pittlerwerke via Am Börnchen 2 / all the way to the back of the Pittlerwerke courtyard

upcoming event - stephan morgenstern - september 2024

Stephan Morgenstern - September 2024

Stephan Morgenstern opens his archive and shows photographs that he took after the fall of the Wall on behalf of the news magazine Der Spiegel. During these two years, he took photos of East German soulscapes.

From September 2024 in the Gallery Analog Art Photography.