Re-opening: First Gallery in the Pittlerwerke Leipzig, 22 April 2023


Sarah Zak Ausstellung in der Galerie Analog Art Photography in den Pittlerwerken LeipzigMihai Barabancea Ausstellung in der Galerie Analog Art Photography in den Pittlerwerken Leipzig

Post digital analog fine art Photography

Analog Art Photography Leipzig is a gallery and a collective of photographers. We carry on the analog photography in the digital world with high-end quality. We create analog photographic works of the post-digital turn. The spectrum includes exclusively works, that were created or are being created after the digitalization of photography. emerge. The special attraction are analog black-and-white high-end photographs of the everyday, the valuable and the art, which for over 15 years have been seen only with digital eyes.
digital eyes. We are changing that and showing a new analog world.
Each image is, from the choice of film for the shot to the selenium bath, is pushed to perfection. Our photographers and artisans at camera and in the lab work primarily with medium or large format and high-end 35mm technology is also used.

The photographic workshop for the enlargements is located directly in our in our house in the Pittlerwerke Leipzig. Thus arise for classic black-and-white prints suitable for centuries - unique Analog Fine Art Prints of the modern age.

Forward for post-digital analog photography.