First Photo Gallery in the Pittlerwerke Leipzig

Analog Art Photography Leipzig is a gallery and a collective of photographers. We continue analog photography in the digital world with analog-images, analog-workshops and analog-photo exhibitions and photo-events. We exclusively present artists working in analogue. For the enthusiasts of the “analog art photography community“, we offer a stage and a monthly forum at the meet&talk events.

Forward for analogue photography.


New Analog Photo Leipzig 2024

Dear friends of Analog Art Photography,
The exhibition NEW ANALOG PHOTO LEIPZIG 2024 will open on 1 March 2024, showing works by the community of the "Galerie Analog Art Photography" in Leipzig's Pittlerwerke.

The works of the 27 exhibiting participants range from architecture to landscape, still life, portrait and reportage. They are extraordinary works by analogue enthusiasts who are bringing their enthusiasm for analogue photography to the public. The works of up to five analogue photographs by each participant can be seen in the gallery in Leipzig's Pittlerwerke until 25.05.2024.

Opening hours are Thurs-Fri from 14:00 to 18:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Exhibiting artists are:
Bernd Beyer, Henryk Bies, Nuria Böhme, Regina Susanne Borchert, NaÏma Erhart, Kathrin Gallien, Maik Gerdes, Claudia Grande, Peter Grosse, Jana Groß, Susanne Hahn, Laetitia Heisler, Ulf Leuteritz, Elena Kaufmann, Alex Klar, Camille Laveu, Yvonne Müllenheim, Michelle Ostendorf, Johannes Prondzinsky, Sebastian S., Uwe Schimunek, Thomas Steinborn, Neithart Volk, Richard Welz, Bertram Weisshaar, Dominic Wieneber, Victor Wolf.

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